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Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is about a company protecting and giving back to the community. Freedom Software is a small company, but we understand the great value of everyone, no matter how small, playing their part. All of us, as individuals and businesses, have a responsibility to minimize our negative impact on the community and the environment. So at Freedom we do what we can to achieve this.

We believe the paperless office is achievable! Unless our clients request otherwise, all of our correspondence, including invoicing, is electronic.

Whenever possible, we use green transport such as cycling, taking public transport or even resorting to good old fashioned walking. ons.

We are energy savers with an ecological office policy that involves plenty of daylight, energy saving lighting and a great habit of switching everything off completely before we leave.

We recycle and use recycled materials wherever possible.

These are small steps, but they are all headed in the right direction.